STO Introduced ‘Danone’ Infant Formula in the Maldives

STO has introduced products of Danone company which is famous throughout the world which operating in 130 countries where it has been producing healthy products for 99 years. 

Danone is one of the world’s largest Food and Beverage company based in France. The company produces and exports its products in different regions of the world. STO has introduced 3 main ‘Danone Early Life Nutrition’  products in the Maldives with ‘Danone India’ as the company’s distributor of the region. 

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‘Denone Early Life Nutrition’ products are produced with rich nutrients necessary for the women from the start of pregnancy till the child is 2 years old (1000 days) to keep both the mother and child in good health. 

Danone Aptamil 
Danone Aptamil’ is specialised for child development relating to age such as the development of Child body, Brain, Eyesight, Immunity and the development of nerves as well. Besides, as mother’s milk is the best for the child, ‘Danone Aptamil’ or any other formula may be given only when it is not possible to give mother’s milk. 

4 types of formula milk products of ‘Danone Aptamil’ brand are available which are produced with essential nutrients for the child from birth till 2 years old. Such as ‘Infant Formula 1’ from birth to 6 months, ‘Follow Up Formula 2’ from 6 months to 1 year, ‘Follow Up Formula 3’ from 1 year to 2 years and ‘Pre-term Formula’ for premature infants. 
 ‘Danone Aptamil’ 400g milk packets are available at STO at a retail price of 160 Rufiyaa.

Danone Protinex mama
Danone Protinex mama’ is produced for pregnant women with rich nutrients such as DHA which is necessary to develop the body and brain of the unborn child. Moreover, it includes nutrients such as Soy protein, Folic acid necessary for pregnant women and other 23 vitamins and minerals.

‘Denone Protinex mama’ 250g Vanilla and Chocolate flavour cans are available at STO at a retail price of 115 Rufiyaa.

Danone Protinex Junior
Between the age of 2 years to 8 years is the delicate development period of the child where proteins are required for physical development while DHA, Iron and Iodine to develop the brain. Therefore, ‘Danone Protinex Junior’ is produced with 37 nutrients including DHA, Iron and Iodine. 
‘Danone Protinex Junior’ 400g Vanilla or Chocolate flavour cans are available at STO at a retail price of 175 Rufiyaa.

Danone Protinex Grow
The age between 8 years and 15 years is the second growth spurt of children where they experience major changes in their weight and height. And, as this stage is the last opportunity for physical growth, they need more protein for growth of the body. Hence, ‘Danone Protinex Grow’ is produced with the proteins for growth along with other 27 nutrients.

Therefore, Protinex Grow strengthens the immunity of the children while having good health as the height and weight increases. Moreover, it provides energy while also strengthening teeth and bone.
‘Danone Protinex Grow’ 400g Vanilla or Chocolate flavour cans are available at STO at a retail price of 175 Rufiyaa.

STO Supermart has always imported and distributed healthy product brands at affordable prices for the public. Danone products will be retailed through STO Supermart, STO Regional shops, STO Pharmacies and majority of other shops and pharmacies in Male’. Moreover, those who want to purchase products on wholesale can do so from STO Supermart Wholesale center.  Danone is one of the highest quality brands in the Maldives in its category while it is the only high-quality brand with such low prices. 

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