STO Introduces Trister Medical Equipment to the Maldives

STO Medical Services has expanded its healthcare offerings in the Maldives with the introduction of Trister brand products. Trister, a trusted American brand, provides a range of health monitoring devices suitable for professional and home healthcare settings.

Shimad Ibrahim, CEO and MD of STO, and Ahmed Niushad, General Manager of STO Medical Services, officially launched the Trister brand at a ceremony held at STO People’s Choice.

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The Trister range includes equipment for emergency and routine healthcare, home care, and beauty products. STO Medical Services is placing a particular focus on facilitating long-term home care with the introduction of devices for monitoring blood pressure, diabetes, pulse, and oxygen levels. The line also caters to individuals with respiratory conditions and offers weight management products.

Trister medical equipment will initially be available at STO People’s Choice stores and STO pharmacies located in the Malé region. The company aims to expand the product’s reach across the country in the near future.

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