STO MD Visits Kashidhoo Farms, Reveal Plans to Initiate Food Security in Maldives

STO’s Managing Director Hussain Amru has visited the Kashidhoo farms and revealed plans to initiate food security in the Maldives.

In a tweet Amru said, “So good to see enterprising farmers here and hoping we can help them sustain their livelihoods.”

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Amru further stated that reducing the dependency on foreign countries is essential for the growth of the country. Therefore, we should conduct research onto the types of food that are grown in the Maldives in order to enhance self sustainability for the country’s development.

Amru has previously announced that the state-owned company is planning to establish an agri-center, where farmers will get paid as they sell their products. He further stated that the reason why farming has not fully prospered in the Maldives is that there is uncertainty in getting consistent income.

Thus the aim of STO is to purchase farmer’s products and pay them immediately, through the agri-center.

He also noted that to participate in this agri-center, farmers have to register, and forms for registration will be available from its website and from STO stores and pharmacies in islands.

After the registration, a farmer identification card will be given.

STO stressed on calling its hotline number after loading the products and advises to ensure the correct label is put on the packaging sent to STO.

MD Amru has also ensured that STO will be buying agriculture products with better prices than the prices its being sold in the market.

To further ensure the self-sufficiency of Maldives in the future, STO has visions of producing staple food such as rice and flour in the Maldives.

This agri-center is expected to ensure consistency in income to farmers. Also, this center will be a place where farmers will be able to sell their products at a good price.

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