STO Releases September 2023 Report on Staple Food Supplies

The State Trading Organisation (STO) shared its overview of staple foods supplied in September 2023, today. 

During that month, STO completed a total of 1,781 deliveries, which consisted of 37,001 bags of rice, 27,725 bags of flour, and 11,622 bags of sugar. 

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Within the Male’ Area, STO made 1,286 deliveries. Specifically, they delivered 19,698 bags of rice, 5,845 bags of sugar, and 13,587 bags of flour.

STO extended its distribution network by making 490 deliveries to regional agents. These deliveries included 15,733 bags of rice, 5,187 bags of sugar, and 12,557 bags of flour.

STO made five deliveries to their STO Regional Agents, involving 1,570 bags of rice, 590 bags of sugar, and 1,581 bags of flour. This distribution approach ensured a consistent supply of essential staple foods throughout September 2023.

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