STO Smart Store Goes 24/7 in Hulhumale’

The State Trading Organisation’s (STO) Smart Store, located in Hulhumale’ Phase One, has rolled out round-the-clock services.

Previously operating until 22:00 hrs daily, the Smart Store’s transition to a 24-hour service model comes after meticulous planning. An STO official disclosed that while the Smart Store was initially designed to offer 24/7 services, the implementation was postponed until operations could be refined.

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Accessible through the dedicated “STO Smart Shop” application, customers must undergo a simple registration process, inclusive of adding card details. Upon completion, patrons can gain entry by scanning a QR code or utilising facial recognition technology embedded within the app. Notably, as products are retrieved from the shelves, they are seamlessly added to the virtual cart within the application.

With a capacity to accommodate up to eight customers simultaneously, entry into the store mandates QR code scans, albeit those accompanying customers can gain access under the supervision of on-site security personnel.

The STO Smart Store curates a selection of essential goods and commonly sought-after food items.

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