STO Supermart Reduces Wholesale Prices

Photo : STO Supermart

In line with the STO Ramazaan Bazaar, STO Supermart has reduced the prices of several goods being sold on wholesale basis. Some of the brands which STO has reduced the prices for include Choice, Jedida, Al Ain, Fragata, Ankara and Al Saba.

Out of Choice brand products, STO reduced the price of 1 kg Silver Basmati Rice case from MVR 430 to MVR 370. They also reduced the price of the 500 rufiyaa worth 1 kg Gold Basmati Rice case to MVR 450 and the 5 kg case price was reduced from MVR 430 to MVR 400. With each 1, 2, 5 and 18 liter oil cases, the price was reduced by MVR 15-30.

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Brands which saw a reduction in prices are ones that are recognized and popular within Maldivians as per STO. They added that the goods which had their prices reduced will be available from STO Supermart and their 12 regional outlets at the same price as Male.

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