STO Takes Action Ahead of Ramadan, Reduces Onion Prices

The State Trading Organization (STO) has reduced the price of onions in an effort to make food items more affordable during the upcoming month of Ramadan. The cost of a kilogram of onions has been decreased from MVR 20 to MVR 17.

The price of a sack of onions has also been lowered accordingly. Specific pricing for baskets of various quantities is as follows:

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Onion Price Changes:

  • Onion: MVR 17 per kg
  • A sack of onions: MVR 320
  • 10 sacks of onions: MVR 310
  • 20 sacks of onions: MVR 300

STO regularly imports onions from India. Each year, the organization brings in shipments of onions, garlic, and eggs, selling these items at wholesale and retail prices within the Maldivian market.

Potato is currently sold by STO at MVR 15 per kilogram. Additionally, eggs will be available at a price of MVR 1.75 per egg.

Onions, garlic, and eggs are traditionally in high demand during Ramadan. The increased need for these products often leads to price increases in shops and markets across the Maldives.

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