STO Unveils Specialized Construction Showroom in Hulhumale

State Trading Organization (STO) has unveiled a dedicated showroom catering to the construction sector in Hulhumale’. The inauguration ceremony, graced by Construction Minister Dr Abdulla Muthalib, marked a significant milestone for STO’s expansion into the construction market.

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The newly opened construction solutions showroom, located adjacent to STO’s Hulhumale shop near the Smart Store close to Hulhumale Hospital, has undergone extensive renovations.

According to STO reports, the showroom will stock a comprehensive range of construction-related products, featuring renowned brands like Makita tools, Nippon paint, and concrete from reputable mix designing brands.

As a major player in the local construction industry, STO’s Construction Solutions arm is the Maldives’ largest importer and seller of construction-related products.

STO emphasized the convenience offered to customers, who can now order construction materials, including Makita tools and Nippon paint, directly through the Hulhumale showroom. This move eliminates the need for residents to travel to Male’ for purchases. Additionally, the showroom offers to customize Nippon paint colours according to customer preferences on demand.

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