STO Reassures Public of Essential Food Availability During Ramadan

The State Trading Organization (STO) has reassured the public that staple food items like onions, potatoes, and eggs will be readily available, and prices will remain stable throughout the Ramadan period.

STO proactively prepares for increased demand during Ramadan each year. The company has announced a series of shipments to ensure a consistent supply of these essential goods. The first shipment has already arrived and is available in STO stores. Wholesale transactions can be conducted at STO’s central facility and the STO Industrial Village.

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To ensure accessibility across the archipelago, 11 designated stores in various atolls will stock these items. STO will also facilitate transportation to other islands.

The company is committed to importing a range of staple foods in anticipation of Ramadan. They have pledged to intervene if unreasonable price increases occur during this period.

According to both STO and the National Bureau of Statistics, food prices declined in January compared to the previous month. While certain items, including eggs, potatoes, and carrots, have seen price increases, STO’s measures aim to bring stability to the market. STO is also working to import a shipment of lemons to address potential price fluctuations.

STO has announced fixed prices for essential items: onions at 20 MVR per kilogram, eggs at 1.75 MVR each, and potatoes at 15 MVR per kilogram. These prices are expected to remain consistent throughout Ramadan.

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