Stuck at 25 with A College Degree, Debt and Guess What- No Job!

Maldives, with a population of over 500,000, features 5 university campus throughout the island nation. Last year, the developing country introduced a free degree scheme under which students in the University can study their first degree completely free. This scheme is an attempt to improve higher education and national development.

Without a doubt, this would increase the number of students with a certificate in the country due to lack of financial barriers. So the whole country has a Bachelors’ Degree- now what? Does everyone have a job? Are they earning a good salary? Who is making sure of this?

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There’s no lack of businesses in the country as startups continue to emerge and grow. Many international businesses have also entered the country. However, this has not been very effective in solving the high unemployment rate of the island nation. Even though the literacy rate in the country is extremely high and education is accessible, university graduates continue to struggle in earning for a living.

Unemployment Rate

Someone who is a fresh graduate can be actively seeking a job with the impressive certificate he earned, especially to get good income. Although there are several jobs available, the job requirements that are listed in the advertisement make it unapplicable for them, in most cases. If you’re graduated with a degree, then you’re expected to have 3 years’ experience.

Not only fresh graduates but people who work for years are also still stuck at a low salary. The debts they took are still unpaid and are passed to their children. There’s one big exception though. Guess who gets an extremely impressive salary and is not required to have a job or previous experience? The parliament members.  

The Maldives has a significantly high cost of living compared to neighbouring countries. The salary offered is often half the price of rent. This has remained as one of the biggest concerns of the youth in the country.

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