Sun Siyam Resorts Spearheads Cancer Awareness Initiative in the Maldives

Sun Siyam Resorts in the Maldives has recently initiated a series of activities to contribute to cancer awareness and research. On February 3rd and 4th, 2024, all five resorts under the Sun Siyam banner participated in a series of events and activities to mark World Cancer Day. This was done in collaboration with the Maldives Cancer Society, and the activities were aligned with the global theme for the year, “Close the Care Gap.”

The central feature of these events was a 5K running challenge, which took place along the beautiful shores of the island and extended to nearby local islands such as Dh. Bandidhoo in Dhaalu Atoll. The run was not just a physical challenge but also an emotionally charged event, embodying the spirit of unity and determination in the face of adversity. In some locations, the run culminated in a Color Splash Party, an event symbolising joy and hope, reinforcing the collective commitment to combatting cancer.

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The participation in these events was diverse, encompassing various sectors of the local community. This wide-ranging involvement highlighted the shared commitment and unity towards a common goal. Sun Siyam Resorts, through its corporate sustainability and social responsibility arm, Sun Siyam Cares, has shown a deep commitment not only to raising awareness about cancer but also in contributing actively to cancer-related initiatives.

An essential aspect of the event was the opportunity it provided for guests to contribute to the cause. With a donation of USD 10, guests could pledge their support, with all proceeds directed towards the Maldives Cancer Society. These funds are earmarked for ongoing research and the creation of cancer awareness activities.

Beyond this event, Sun Siyam Resorts has shown a dedication to operating sustainably and responsibly, not only in the Maldives but also in Sri Lanka. Through the Sun Siyam Cares program, the resorts have prioritized sustainability, focusing on initiatives such as reducing energy and water use, managing waste and reducing plastic use, and supporting community development. Moreover, they are invested in renewable energy, conservation efforts, and the preservation of local heritage and cultural practices. These efforts are part of a broader strategy to minimise environmental impact, reduce the carbon footprint, and contribute positively to the socio-economic well-being of the communities in which they operate.

This recent initiative stands as a testament to Sun Siyam Resorts’ unwavering commitment to making a positive impact, not just on their guests but on the global community as a whole. For more information about the Sun Siyam Cares program and its sustainability initiatives, interested parties can visit their website.

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