‘Takaful Window/Unit of the Year’ IFFSA Awarded to Ayady Takaful

Photo: Allied Insurance

A prestigious award of Islamic Finance Forum of South Asia (IFFSA) was presented to Ayady Takaful at the ‘2nd IFSSA Awards Night’.

The 2nd IFFSA awards night was held on the 24th October 2017 in Sri Lanka, following the conclusion of the 2nd Islamic Finance Forum of South Asia Conference which was held on the same day.

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Maldives biggest Insurance Company, Allied Insurance Islamic window Ayady Takaful received the prestigious award ‘Takaful Window/Unit of the Year’ by the IFSSA, recognizing the efforts and contributions made by the organization to the IBF Industry within the South Asian Region.

On behalf of the company, the General Manager Ibrahim Firshan accepted the award.
For this award, many esteemed Islamic finance companies of other countries were nominated along with Ayady Takaful.

Ayady Takaful markets a variety of products of Takaful. From Family Takaful to Boat Building and Travel, these are some of the products the company offers.

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