Team Bulhi Kendi Wins Ooredoo Mas Race in Kulhudhuffushi City with 1214.25 Points!

Ooredoo Masrace 2023 – Kulhudhuffushi City ended on 11th Aug, with intense competition and enthusiastic spirits among the 21 teams. Various special awards were awarded to the victorious teams and fishermen after a day of competitive fishing.

The championship title of Ooredoo Masrace 2023 in Kulhudhuffushi was claimed by the remarkable Team Bulhi Kendi with a total of 1214.25 points, taking home MVR25,000 as Cash Prize. Team Latti achieved an impressive score of 659.05 points, securing second place in the fierce competition. Following closely, Team Kuribians secured the second runner-up position with a total of 612.35 points, further highlighting the fierce competition among the teams.

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Adding to the array of remarkable achievements, Hassan Ali from Team Bulhi Kendi made a significant contribution by landing a remarkable Billfish, weighing an impressive 25.85 kilograms. It is noteworthy to highlight that this is the first time that Billfish was caught in Ooredoo Masrace history. While the winning team, Bulhi Kendi caught 3 Billfish, Runner up team – Team Latti also caught 2 Billfish.

The Best Fisherman title went to Adam Hilmee from Team Latti, who showcased exceptional skills by landing a total of 16 catches. Khadheeja Moosa from Team Dhamaa Nagaa was recognized as the Best Fisherwoman, having reeled in a total of 4 impressive catches.

The competition is set to commence in the rest of the cities on the following dates:

  • Addu City: 18th August
  • Fuvahmulah City: 25th August

This year, as part of Ooredoo Maldives’ 18th Anniversary celebration, Masrace 2023 has extended its reach to all four cities: Male’ City, Kulhudhuffushi City, Addu City, and Fuvahmulah City. The competition commenced on 4th August, in Male’ City with over 30 registered teams.

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