The Artisanal Offerings of Devi

Imbuing ancient Dhivehi teachings to the world of self-care, Devi takes pride in introducing a Maldivian-owned line of products that embody tranquillity and rejuvenation. 

The wellness brand launched in 2021 with three pulse oils, later adding aromatic body oils and balms to their growing collection. Since then, Devi has continued its brand journey forward, gathering a loyal following of customers and developing lifestyle products that complement the company’s philosophy.

Devi’s Signature Products

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Calm pulse oil and Uplift body oil are among Devi’s most popular creations. The pulse oils can be used as therapeutic aromatherapy, while the balms and body oils are best used for self-massage or as a moisturizer.

The petite glass packaging of Devi products means the products are not only easy to carry and use on the go, but also eco-friendly or as they say, “good for you, and good for the Earth”.

Fragrant and nourishing Devi products, including notable ones such as the de-stress temple balm and sleep body oil, are available at Island Bazaar, Toddy, Authentic Maldives and duty-free outlets. Online, the products can also be purchased directly via the brand’s website: 

Crafting Therapeutic Blends

The Devi purpose is deeply tied in with aromatherapy teachings, and thus, for their blends, the company exclusively uses therapeutic-grade essential oils that are sourced from around the world. Further, the brand’s formulation process is carried out in a small studio adhering to GMP Standards, with each product undergoing rigorous testing to ensure its efficacy on both skin and mood. 

This emphasis on quality is well demonstrated in the brand’s newly introduced moon balm which is crafted using shea butter – a strong moisturiser – and features the addition of healing oils such as hemp seed and jojoba. No surprise then, that several resort partners have chosen to incorporate Devi products into their spa offerings. 

The Future of Devi

Founded by a single person with a passion for nature and its often underestimated capacity for healing and connection, the brand’s concept is inspired from the South Asian symbolism behind its namesake.

Even in the Maldives, the word ‘Devi’  holds dual meaning; in verbal use, it alludes to the formation of habit, while as a noun, it refers to otherworldly spirits.

“Marrying all these concepts, Devi’s brand philosophy draws on ancient healing knowledge rooted in the natural world, to ritualize the intimate act of self-care and restoration”, reads the description on their website. 

Devi’s most recent ode to nature, comes in the form of authentic, organic silk scarves adorned with intricate botanical prints. Handprinted using botanical printing, each scarf is infused with vibrant hues and delicate textures of flora foraged from the Maldivian landscape. 

This new addition to Devi’s line of products comes at the heel of a recent collaboration with local artist Azu. Together, they developed an ‘Island Spirit’ collection, in line with Devi’s philosophy of botanical healing and spirituality. 

The brand confirmed its commitment to continue innovative collaborations with wellness partners and the launch of exciting new products in the near future. Your journey with Devi, it seems, has only just begun.

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