The Benefits Allocated for Ex-MPs

According to the law, there are several financial and other benefits allocated to former Members of the Parliament.

The financial benefits for former MPs include a 30% of a current MPs salary of about MVR 24,000, if the former MP has served for a duration of 1 term. And, for those who have served 2 terms in Majilis will receive 45% of an MPs salary which is about MVR 36,000.

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However, there are certain regulations to receive benefits such as the member should be above 55 years of age and should not be working at any government job. In addition, the members who receive the above financial benefits will not be eligible for any further financial benefits or pension from the government.

Moreover, the former members will receive the health insurance schemes same as the current members while also having the opportunity to obtain the official passport available for all members of the parliament.

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