The Future of Flash is Here! Get Your Hands on the Latest Flash Technology Offered by SIMDI

At Image Square Maldives, operated by SIMDI, you can get your hands on the latest in Canon flash technology, with the ground-breaking Speedlite 470XE-AI. This is the first-ever flash with AI bounce technology, helping you find the optimal flash angle even if you change the camera orientation.

Equipped with a high-performance CPU and a motorized flash head, it can instantly measure the distance to the subject and the ceiling, and automatically adjust itself to give you the best bounce angle. Full auto and semi-auto modes provide maximum control to capture whatever look you want, with minimum time and effort.

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SIMDI Group is the only authorized distributor for Canon in the Maldives. For demonstration and hands-on experience, customers can visit the SIMDI showroom, Image Square Maldives, Galolhu Faith, Majeedheemagu and purchase your preferences.

The imaging professionals at Image Square will gladly point out all the great features of the camera, lens, and additional components, while imparting some handy tips and tricks.

From low-end to ultra-high-end, SIMDI also has a wide variety of cameras available for instant purchase through the SIMDI Online application. It is now available for download on both the App Store and Android Google Playstore.

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