The Government launches website to keep public informed of the Budget 2017

A booklet and a website to convey the information regarding the budget for the next year was launched today by the government.

In a function held at the finance ministry,  the website and the booklet were inaugurated by the the Minister of Finance and Treasury Mr. Ahmed Munawwar. The booklet is called “Budget Mala” and along with the website (, will contain information, details and statistics about the estimated budget, readily accessible to anyone at anytime.

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At the function Minister Munawaar stated that this would enable the public to keep upto date on critical government expenditure and other such transaction of the budget money under one roof rather than going to different ministries and offices to get the statistics or the numbers. the minister also gave his word that the website would be updated constantly in real time and its intention is to keep the general public in the loop and keep them updated on government dealings.

The estimated budget for the 2017 year has been submitted to the parliament and the budget debates are to commence tomorrow on the 14th of November.

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