The Grand Moment Awaits! Privileged Maldives to be Launched Tonight

Privileged Maldives, the online local business platform that connects locals, expats, business owners and tourists will be launched tonight (10th October 2020), at 8:20 pm.

This platform allows business vendors to become privileged partners which gives them access to their own profile at the website. This profile can be further customized to add the business details. According to Privileged Maldives, the privileged vendors will have been categorized accordingly. The website will display a variety of categories ranging from guesthouses, excursions, dine-ours, restaurants, salons and barbers etc.

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According to Privileged Maldives, the offers and discounts provided by the privileged vendors can only be claimed by the privileged members who will have a membership card. The company also informs that they will be allowing the registration of a limited slot of V.I.P gold cards for a 1 year member ship for FREE. This card can be claimed by customers who want to join the privileged community. According to Privileged Maldives, the cards will be activated soon in the early November, when the company is ready to disclose all its onboard vendors to the privileged card-holders.

“Each card will carry a specific QR code, which shall be scanned at the business outlet in order to claim the offers/discounts provided by the outlet visited”, states Privileged Maldives. “Privileged members will recognize if the outlet visited provides privileged services or not, by checking for our stickered logo at the door of the outlet”

Privileged Maldives also claims that the card will have been made available for tourists as well, which they can collect from the airport itself upon arrival. If visited to , the website will show a countdown, straight to 8:20 pm tonight. Through the website, customers can register for their limited slots of V.I.P gold privileged membership card online, which follows first come first serve basis.

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