The Hawks Pvt Ltd Completes 90% of Hawks Neelam Project

The Hawks Private Limited has announced that the company has completed 90 percent of the Hawks Neelam Project.

This newly built fuel delivery barge will be mobilized for the Hawks’ customers near Male region. The Hawks Neelam has a cargo capacity of 95,000 L.

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According to the Hawks, the company’s target is to undock Hawks Neelam within this month.

The Hawks Pvt Ltd is one of the leading companies for the import & distribution of high-quality fuel in the Maldives. With more than 14 years experience in the area of fuel supply and exceptional attention to the needs of their clients, the company has developed an extensive portfolio ranging from fuel delivery & related services to construction, transportation, and activities in the hospitality industry.

The Hawks team, established in 2007 by chairman Mr. Ahmed Rasheed Hassan, is fully trusted by its clients and continuously eager to design new services. The exceptional customer service, on-time delivery, and highest standards for all services provide the ultimate satisfaction to clients from the northernmost to the southernmost parts of the Maldives.

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