The Imports of April Month to increase by 9 %

It has been reported that the imports of this April month have increased by 9% compared to last year’s April month.

Statistics by Maldives Customs have shown that last year, Mrf 3 Billion worth of goods were imported and this year it has increased to Mrf 3.3 Billion. 21% of the imported goods were from United Arab Emirates, 16% from India and 12% from Singapore.

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Unlike imports, the percentage of exports from the Maldives have decreased by 21% compared to last year’s April month. Mrf 353 million worth of goods were exported last April; however, this April, only Mrf 279 million worth of goods were exported. 39% of the goods were exported to Thailand.

According to Customs, the revenue that they received through customs duty and other fees reduced to 5% this year compared to last year. Last year they received Mrf 203 million as import duty and other fees, and this year they received Mrf 214 million.

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