The Nautilus Maldives creates ‘a place beyond time’ for it’s guests

In our busy, hectic world, who doesn’t yearn to escape from the pressures of life, of meeting expectations, of just not having enough time to do the things that really matter?  Who doesn’t sometimes dream of escaping the stresses of the everyday world for a remote tropical island where it seems time finally stands still?

With the launch of its new video, The Nautilus, a privately-owned island in the Maldives, answers those questions. Opening in January 2019, the video showcases the island’s philosophy of giving absolute freedom to its guests in a place where time has no meaning and convention is set aside.  As a result, a stay at The Nautilus is noticeably different from other luxury resorts: here service is truly bespoke and activities follow the lead of the natural rhythms of nature; sunrise, sunset, the tides, the phases of the moon.

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How is this island so different?  In keeping with its new bohemian style, The Nautilus doesn’t judge, doesn’t impose and doesn’t inhibit its guests.  Restaurants have a flexible approach to opening hours and food.  Menus are considered only a starting point for discussions about what the guest would like to eat and the chef can cook favourite recipes or create specialities as desired.  Guests can enjoy gourmet treats from the poolside deli all day long without charge, and each guest’s house is stocked with complimentary teas, coffee, water and a selection of soft drinks.   Breakfast is whenever the guest feels like eating and doesn’t have to be in the restaurant.  Blissful spa treatments can take place without appointment.

Pleasingly for a leading luxury resort, there are no dress codes and going barefoot is encouraged – even in the restaurants.  Most of all, the island can conjure up tailored activities that are meaningful to each guest, leaving them feeling as though they’ve had more than just a beach holiday.  The Nautilus will craft excursions and adventures, taking guests where they want to be when they want to be there, from midnight swims in glowing phosphorescent waters alongside a marine biologist, to exploring deserted islands on its custom-built yacht or floating in a ‘star filled’ pool under the milky way while the House Captain whisks up another perfect cocktail.

Guests looking for a mindful holiday are invited to join daily complimentary yoga, meditation and fitness classes.  Watersports activities such as snorkelling on the island’s excellent house reef, kayaking in a transparent canoe, or stand-up-paddle boarding are free: guests simply decide when they want to go – no need for timetabled activities or organized excursions.

For those who sometimes feel at war with the clock The Nautilus Maldives is a place where – on its island at least – time becomes an irrelevance.

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