The Parliament of Maldives aims to make BML a trustworthy bank – President Nasheed

Parliament President Nasheed said Parliament intends to make the Bank of Maldives (BML) a trustworthy place for its customers.

Speaking during the Parliament session, President Nasheed stated that the Parliament has been receiving a lot of complaints about BML from correspondent banks and other administrations due to the allegations imposed on the national bank of Maldives.

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He said the matter has been shared with the Parliament members and they are trying to resolve the issue.

President Nasheed further highlighted that through proper assessment of the bank statements and transactions, they would be able to make BML a trustworthy place again to its customers.

Currently, there is an ongoing case of the deputy CEO of BML on the false information provided by him to the Public Account Committee of Parliament. The matter is being investigated by Police Service.

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