The President Ratifies the Associations Act

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Monday ratified the Associations Act (Law No: 03/2022). Parliament passed the bill at its 32nd sitting of the first session, held on Monday, April 18, 2022.

The law governs the particulars of exercising the right to form associations granted by Section 30 (b) of the Constitution, including incorporation, registration, and regulation; general rights and obligations of such entities; and the duties of the Registrar of Associations. It seeks to establish a mechanism to ensure the accountability of associations and to provide a legal framework for associations to contribute to the development of society. The law also specifies terms for fundraising, financial liabilities, and dissolution of registered associations.

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The legislation mandates the President to appoint a Registrar of Associations within 30 days of its enactment and empowers the President to appoint and dismiss them. The registrar is directed to formulate the necessary rules and regulations pertaining to the law. It also grants the registrar discretion to dissolve inactive associations that fail to pay annual fees and meet a six-month deadline to settle due fines.

The law was published in the Government Gazette today and would come into effect six months following ratification. The new law repeals the Associations Act (Act No. 1/2003) with its ratification.

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