The President’s Office orders Government employees to remain home except for emergencies and accessing essential needs

In a directive passed today, The President’s Office has ordered all Government employees to remain at home and to go outside only for emergencies and access essential needs. The President’s Office announced that this drastic step has been taken to try and slow down the spread of COVID-19 and also to implement the President’s order to close government offices to facilitate social distancing.

In the announcement, the President’s Office also noted that the services listed below will continue as per usual.

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1. Health service Centers and Pharmacies
2. Water, Electricity and Sewerage Services
3.Broadcasting services
4. Phone and internet services
Banking services
5. Cooking gas supplies and Fuel supply services
6. Transportation via Airport and business harbour services
7. Maldives Customs Service
8. Maldives Immigration
9. Aviation Security Command services
10. MNDF and Police services
11. Fire and rescue services
12. Judiciary services and courts
13. Diplomatic and consular services
14. Social protection services
15. Orphanages and shelter services under government’s responsibilities
16. Correctional services (Jail services)
17. Waste management services
18. Meteorological services

While providing those services, relevant institutions should limit the number of employees to the minimum and consider measures recommended by the current State of Health Emergency, declared under the discretionary power vested in the Director of Public Health by Section 33 of the 7/2012 Public Health Act, after the World Health Organization (WHO) classified the current COVID-19 outbreak as a global ‘pandemic’.

In the directive, it is mentioned that the only employees who should go to work should be those selected by the head of the institution.

Furthermore, the directive also mentions that government institutions should take all necessary action to implement the government’s strategies regarding COVID-19.

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