The Scene reopens as “Sonee Home”

The Scene by Sonee Hardware has re-opened after re-branding to “Sonee Home”.

Regarding the re-branding, Sonee company stated that “Sonee Home” in Majeedhee Magu is a home-improvement store which has internationally renowned brands from Europe & USA and has a collection of high-end decoratives, home appliances, household, kitchen and bathroom products.

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The home improvement store has been restructured in a way that can both accommodate and make it easier for customers to find items.

With the re-branding, sanitary items and tiles can now be purchased from the Sonee Hardware store in Janavaree Magu. These items were previously available for purchase at The Scene by Sonee Hardware.

Sonee Hardware is a leading company with a major customer base in the Maldives. They are the retailer and authorized sales agent for internationally renowned brands from Europe & USA in construction and home improvement products.

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