The Second Phase of Hulhumale’ Development Reaches New Heights

Hulhumale’, the reclaimed island located in the North Male’ Atoll is the biggest project undertaken by the government to solve the issues of land deficiency in Male’ city for housing, industrial and commercial developments. From the commencement date up to the current date of this project, we have observed tremendous amounts of developments throughout this artificial island. It has been 13 years since people settled there.

According to the Managing director of Housing Development Corporation (HDC), Mohamed Simon, alterations are made to the Phase 1 overall master plan development. These changes are undertaken by observing the growth which is ongoing in the country. Unlike before, now it has been planned to develop high-end buildings for residential purposes, providing more housing options for people.

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Reclamation of Hulhumale’ began in the year 1997 and all the works involving reclamation and coastal structure development covered in Phase 1 were nearly completed within 10 years. At the beginning, it was planned to populate 40,000 people. The second reclamation phase of Hulhumale’ began 3 years ago and is planned to accommodate 200,000 people. In order to reach this goal, more and more residential buildings are being developed. These changes are being brought by the considerations taken from international parties as well.

Simon stated that the new changes are being carried on by a specialized team from Singapore.

Government plans on making this city a youth center. According to Simon, their focus is not only on residential development but also on developing schools and roads as well.  Industrial areas are also being developed too. Furthermore, people are delighted with the opening of the biggest park in Maldives, the central park of Hulhumale’, where there is space for exercising, running and skating as well.

The second phase of Hulhumale’ development has reached new heights since they are developing the biggest school in the Maldives and the tallest office building of 25 floors as well. Furthermore, they have planned on building 7,000 residential flats where there will be 16 towers consisting 25 stories. According to Simon, phase 2 estimates on building 35,000 housing units.

The practical work of the second phase of Hulhumale’ is progressing at a fast pace. The government forecasts on finishing the planned projects within the end of next year.

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