The Sunny Side of Life and Unique Experiences Featured on a Special Episode of Wion Traveller

The Sunny Side of Life and all the unique experiences has been featured on a special episode of Wion Traveller entitled ‘Discovering the Maldives’. The episode premiered on 29th October with repeat aired on 30th October and 6th November. This feature will help the Maldives promote its various tourism products (resorts, hotels, guesthouses and liveaboards), market the safety and security offered to tourists by the scattered islands, and promote the unique experiences awaiting tourists in the destination.

WION (Zee Network) was founded in 2016. It reaches around 4 million people in India and has its own presence on social media platforms and websites for travel enthusiasts in India. WION traveller has 5.51M subscribers on YouTube and 2,986,650 average page views per month for their website. The special episode featured local resort, Siyam World, guesthouse Kaani Palm Beach, and liveaboard Maldives Legend Cruise. It was hosted by Ankit Tuteja, a senior anchor at WION who has produced and hosted a wide variety of feature shows across technology, travel, and entertainment industries.

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The feature is aligned with the marketing strategies for India, which focus on ambiently strengthening the Maldives brand in all major cities via multiple platforms, online and offline. The strategy involves marketing the various products and segments of tourism that the Maldives caters to. These products and segments are marketed to different audiences including those seeking luxury, romantic, or budget travel options from the Indian market.

India was the largest market for the Maldives in 2021 in terms of arrivals, with over 278,740 travellers and a market share of 22.6%. It is the largest source market for the Maldives this year as well – as of October 2022, India is the top source market for the Maldives with over 186,388 arrivals. MMPRC has planned several activities targeting the Indian market to maintain destination visibility including marketing campaigns, familiarisation trips, and participation in major fairs and exhibitions held in this market.

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