The World’s first fully Automated Warehouse

Mujin is a Tokyo based start-up founded in 2011 which is developing robot controllers to fully automate warehouses and fulfillment centers. The company’s main aim is full automation.

Mujin’s American co-founder and CTO, Mr Rosen Diankov stated that lifting heavy boxes is the most backbreaking task warehouse logistics while a lot of companies are looking for truck unloading systems where he believes that Mujin is the closest to commercialization. 

Rosen Diankov, co-founder and CTO of Mujin
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The robots are set on platforms that move back and forth doing the jobs usually carried out by warehouse workers and forklift operators. Chinese e-commerce giant, has been the first customer of the company having the world’s first fully automated 40,000-sq-m e-commerce warehouse in Shanghai, China equiped with 20 industrial Mujin robots. The robots pick, transfer and pack packages using crates on conveyor belts and camera systems and Mujin robot controllers while other robots carted merchandise around to loading docks and trucks. The company plans to move away from customization for every client and standardize a complete automation package.

Dianknov believes that fears of robots taking jobs from people do not reflect the reality of the workplace as introducing robots creates more jobs where companies such as Toyota being the largest car company in the world has embraced automation. Mujin robots are smart machines programmed to do a specific task where every position of every joint is tracked down to the millisecond minimizing the possibility for errors. The controllers are equipped with fast microchips to handle massive computational burden to evaluate thousands of possible moves and choosing the best one in less than a second. 

There are numerous warehouses in the Maldives employing thousands of workers for logistics which involves huge costs for the businesses. Lifting heavy objects are difficult and risky as well where robots can lift heavy objects with ease and work for 24 hours a day allowing increased efficiency and productivity.

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