Think Associates Launches Survey To Identity COVID-19 Impact on Maldives Advertising Industry

Think Associates has launched a survey to identify the impact of COVID-19 on the Maldives marketing and advertising industry.

The agency said that they would like to identify how the crisis has affected the industry. The data will also help assess the short and medium-term impact of the crisis on the advertising and events sector.

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“We want to identify how businesses are transitioning from traditional mediums to digital mediums and we would also like to see whether the behavior of certain industries are different to others when it comes to their marketing behavior in the context of this crisis. The survey also attempts to see how smaller companies are embracing technology and whether the technology they have adopted for this crisis will be sustained in a post-COVID era,” Adheel Ismail, Managing Director of Think Associates said.

The respondents of this survey would be decision makers of businesses. Small, medium and large businesses and especially those who dominate the advertising market are expected to take part in this online survey.

The survey would give an insight into what would be the new normal for the advertising industry and media houses and how it will impact the sector in the long run.

Formed in 2005, Think Associated is a full-serviced advertising agency in Maldives with a portfolio that consists of the most prestigious names in the country.

COVID-19 Maldives Marketing and Advertising Impact Survey

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