This administration will not discriminate amongst citizens, despite their political affiliation – President

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated that his administration is not one that would discriminate amongst the citizens based on their political affiliation or ideologies.

The President made this remark, speaking at the official reception held to mark this year’s Republic Day.

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Speaking in this regard, the President asserted that his administration would not discriminate between its citizens in providing services or carrying out developmental projects. He said that the administration remains committed to serving in favor of all citizens. Continuing, President Solih extended his gratification to the coalition partners for their continued support in serving the people.

Citing Article 8 of the Constitution, President Solih stated that all the branches of the State, and every citizen, should exercise their rights in accordance with the Constitution. He said that the administration would not waiver in realizing its foremost duty of upholding the Constitution.

Highlighting on some of the administration’s achievements over the previous year, President Solih stressed its efforts to realize the pledge to maintain peace and stability. He noted the significant drop in violent crimes during the past year, comparative to that of the past six years, and said that the administration is content with the fact that no Maldivian lives were lost to gang violence during the period—which is currently at a 50 percent low, compared to the past six years.

Emphasizing on the administration’s proposed amendments to the Decentralisation Act, President Solih asserted that the key amendments would provide financial and legal autonomy necessary for regional development and would revolutionize development. He further noted that the budget of councils would increase by two- to three-fold.

Speaking further about national development, President Solih noted that numerous infrastructure development projects were currently underway. He said that out of 34 harbor development projects commissioned so far, 14 were now underway; road construction projects are progressing in seven islands; water and sewerage network projects of 33 islands are approved and ready for commencement; and, generator sets have been provided to 58 islands to ensure uninterrupted electricity services.

The President also shared details of the proposed State Budget for 2020, of which 11 percent is dedicated for social security, 12 percent for education sector development, and 11 percent earmarked for improving the health sector. President Solih said that the administration aspires to commence developmental projects before the end of 2021.

Highlighting that the administration has made notable achievements in foreign relations over the past year, President Solih said that the policy was to reignite efforts and strengthen bilateral ties. He noted that, through its efforts to foster its relations with the international community, the administration had secured MVR3.21 billion as grant aid from donors. He further shared the latest updates of such efforts.

Stressing that the administration’s developmental efforts, especially infrastructure projects, are in harmony with nature, the President noted that the administration had established Solar PV Systems in 13 islands and declared 14 sites as protected areas. He further stated that the administration is working towards listing parts of Addu City and Fuvahmulah City as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Speaking at the function, the President also shared the latest details of the works by the Commission on Deaths and Disappearances and Asset Recovery Commission.

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