Three Institutions issued with Gold Awards for Public provision of Information

The award from Information Commission was issued to the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) from independent institution categories while Haa Alif Atoll Council was awarded among local councils. Moreover, Gender Ministry was also awarded among the government institutions.

the is the 3rd Gold award earned by ACC while Haa Alif Atoll council is receiving the award for the 2nd time. the institutions were awarded by the Auditor General, Mr Hassan Ziyath. This is the 3rd time the ceremony is being held.

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Other 8 institutions have also been ranked at first place according to the level of information provided including ACC, Haa Alif Atoll Council, Capital Market Development Authority, Shaviyani Atoll Council, Attorney General’s Office, Employment Tribunal, Gaafu Alif Atoll Dhaandhoo Council and Gender Ministry. 

The Information Commission outlined that the main aim of the award giving is to empower institutions to provide their services with increased transparency by obeying relevant rules and regulations and to motivate institutions to initiate in providing more information. 

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