TikTok Contest for MVR 3000 Ends Soon with Allied Insurance

Photo: Eyestetix Studios

Allied Insurance’s TikTok competition is drawing to a close with four days left till the deadline, the company announces in a press release shared today. Three participants stand a chance to win MVR 3000 by submitting creative content to the competition.

The contest, which revolves around the hashtag #InsuranceLifeWithAllied, invites users to craft engaging videos that encapsulate the essence of insurance life with Allied Insurance. 

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The deadline is set for May 25.


Three fortunate individuals stand poised to clinch the coveted reward, with Allied Insurance prepared to award MVR 3000 to each chosen winner. The process is simple: participants must post a video on TikTok, weaving in the designated hashtag to align with the theme.

Detailed instructions on how to craft the perfect TikTok submission can be found on the company’s website.

Alternatively, individuals seeking further assistance can contact Allied Insurance through its toll-free hotline – 1600 – where representatives stand ready to help and answer any questions related to the contest.

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