Top 10 countries expected to capture travelers in 2019

Sri Lanka, Top Destination to Travel in 2019

Are you having trouble deciding where to take your vacation in 2019? You need to look no further as we bring you the ‘Top 10 countries to visit in 2019’, carefully vetted and listed by the experts at Lonely Planet. 

The number 1 travel destination for 2019 is the Wonder of Asia, Sri Lanka. Already recognized for its mix of religion and culture, Sri Lanka is decidedly having it’s moment to shine. The country moves forward after decades of civil conflict, and welcomes travelers with arms wide open. The north and east, including previously off-limit areas, offer new discoveries for families, adrenaline seekers, eco-tourists and even foodies. 

Heidelberg, Germany
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Germany ranks 2nd in the list, with a history of over 2 millenia. The capital city, Berlin rose from the ashes of WWII, and is now home to art. Germany has also bestowed upon the world many countless innovations including printing press and the automobile, and hosts hundreds of medieval castles, churches, picturesque villages, market towns, and centres of learning and culture, including Heidelberg, the site of one of Europe’s oldest universities.

Mana Pool, Zimbabwe (World Heritage Site by UNESCO)

Africa’s safest destination, Zimbabwe comes in 3rd place. Zimbabweans remains strong with their sense of hope for the future of the country, even through the end of Robert Mugabe’s time in power. The country is blessed with World Heritage-listed archaeological ruins, as well as the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls.

Panama Canal

In 4th place, ranks the Panama. Although the country is globally renowned for its 48 miles of canal connecting the Pacific ocean with the Atlantic ocean, Panama is much more than channel. The Isthmus of Panama caused one of the most important geologic events on earth when it divided an ocean and united two continents. Panama city will celebrate its 500-year anniversary in 2019 and you can expect the city to go all out with the celebrations.


The 2018 World Nomad Games shined a spotlight on Kyrgyzstan, which takes the 5th spot in the list. The country is defined by unspoilt natural beauty, thus quickly becoming a favorite for many travelers in Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan is known for its celestial mountains and the nomadic lifestyle. Travelers can truly feel the spirit of antiquity and the middle ages by visiting the historical sites along the Great Silk Road route.

Petra, Jordan (World Heritage Site by UNESCO)

Ranking in 6th place, Jordan is home to the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea. Whilst the Hashemite Kindgom of Jordan promises travelers stunning desert castles, the country is also home to biblical catastrophe (Sodom).

Tanah Lot, Indonesia

Coming in at 7th, it is no surprise that Indonesia makes the list. Although the destination is very common for adventure seekers, with many traveling to Bali to ride the pumping waves and mountain trekking. Indonesia offers much more than the mainstream tours most travelers opt for, including Bintan Island which offers the perfect getaway with its high-end resorts and world-class golf courses. Indonesia has a place for every type of traveler.

Minsk, Belarus

Offering a new 30-day visa regime, Minsk is the hub of Belarus, which ranks at 8th place on the list. It is no secret that Belarusians party like it’s 1999; you can expect a very vibrant nightlife in the capital city. The city has also become a popular destination for global events and is hosting the 2019 European Games as well.

São Tomé & Príncipe

The second-smallest African sovereign state after Seychelles, São Tomé & Príncipe makes it to 9th place. Príncipe is a magnificent Lost World, offering fantastic beaches, jungle exploration, snorkelling, fishing, birdwatching and a handful of interesting (if expensive) accommodations.

The Great Blue Hole, near Belize City, Belize

Many travelers find it difficult to place the top 10th destination, Belize on the map. However, the destination expects this to change with the strict protection provided to the marine environment, and new eco-resorts taking advantage of the country’s stunning cayes and jungle hideaways. Belize is relatively untouristed, and hence is the perfect destination for the traveler who seeks adventures off the beaten path. 

Where will you be going in 2019?

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