Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Create a Dhiraagu MyAccount

Today, as digital technology has become part of our everyday lives, we are very much dependent on  smartphones and tablets to handle day-to-day personal and business tasks. As the leading digital service  provider in the Maldives, Dhiraagu ensures that customers are able to manage all their services conveniently  at their fingertips.  

Here are the top 5 reasons why you need to register to Dhiraagu MyAccount now.

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Apply for Services with Just One Click 

Want to change your mobile plans or upgrade your Fibre Broadband package? Do it easily with your Dhiraagu MyAccount! Simply choose your service and application type and send your request with one click. Once you’ve applied for a service, you can also track the status of your application with your Dhiraagu MyAccount.  

Keep Tabs and Pay Your Dhiraagu Bills Conveniently 

With your Dhiraagu MyAccount, you can conveniently keep track of all your bills. Not only can you check the  payment history and unbilled summary of your Mobile Postpaid plans and Fixed Broadband packages, but you can also pay all your bills and settle any outstanding payments at once.

Easily Recharge Any Dhiraagu Prepaid Number 

Quickly recharge any Prepaid number with your Dhiraagu MyAccount. Whether it’s your own number or want to recharge for a loved one, you can simply do it your own MyAccount. Just add in the Prepaid mobile number, amount, and payment details. What’s more, Dhiraagu Prepaid customers can also check their recharge history using this feature.

One-Stop Shop for All Your Add-Ons 

Running low on data on your Prepaid plan? Or voice minutes on your Postpaid plan? Simply get more add ons with your Dhiraagu MyAccount! All Dhiraagu Prepaid, Postpaid and Fixed Broadband customers can  use this feature.

Track Your Fixed Broadband Usage 

Want to check how much data allowance you have left on your Fibre Broadband package? Or track your daily or monthly usage? See how much rollover data you have for the month? Easily do this with your Dhiraagu MyAccount.

To create a Dhiraagu MyAccount, simply visit and begin your journey of easily managing all your digital services.

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