Tourism Development Strategy Launched for Addu Region

The “Addu Asseyri Tourism Development Plan” was officially launched in Addu City last Thursday. The project is aimed to formulate and introduce a specialised tourism project for Addu City.

This comprehensive five-year destination development strategy is accompanied by a detailed situational analysis report. The plan is strategically crafted to not only enhance tourism in the region but also to make a substantial contribution to the local economy of Addu City.

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The plan also includes the establishment of 6000 tourist beds, the creation of 10000 jobs, the revitalisation of Shangri-La operations, and the establishment of a seaplane hub within the first year of the presidency. These initiatives are poised to transform Addu City into a thriving tourism hub, offering unparalleled opportunities for growth and prosperity.

Furthermore, the plan outlines a range of developments, such as the creation of a cultural village, wellness zones, marine protected areas, and a hospitality school. These initiatives not only aim to attract visitors but also to showcase the rich heritage and natural beauty of Addu City, providing a unique and immersive experience for tourists and locals alike.

With a focus on sustainable growth and community development, the “Addu Asseyri Tourism Development Plan” sets a new standard for tourism initiatives, promising a bright and prosperous future for Addu City and its residents.

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