Tourism Minister Discloses Delay in Development of 63 Allocated Islands

Tourism Minister Ibrahim Faisal has stated that 63 islands designated for tourism development have yet to be built for various reasons. The minister highlighted the presence of numerous aged islands within the state.

Minister Ibrahim Faisal conveyed in a statement to local media that he has gathered information on the islands awaiting development since taking office. According to ministry records, 63 resorts have been awarded but are still pending release into the tourism market. Ongoing consultations with investors who have committed to these islands are underway to explore ways to expedite their introduction to the market.

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“Based on our ministry’s data, there are 63 islands that have been allotted and awarded. Some islands have remained undeveloped for 20, 10, and 15 years. The primary focus of the Tourism Ministry is to identify these islands, locate the entrepreneurs who have invested in them, and engage in constructive discussions within a friendly environment,” Minister Faisal stated.

He further disclosed ongoing discussions with the Attorney General regarding streamlining the process for developing these islands.

“My primary objective is to bring 50% of the undeveloped islands into the market within the next five years by simplifying their development,” the minister asserted.

Setting ambitious targets, the minister aspires to unveil 12 to 15 new resorts by the following year. This, he mentioned, would translate to an additional 1,000 beds in the tourism sector.

In pursuit of attracting investors, Minister Faisal underscored the government’s efforts to strengthen diplomatic ties with international countries. The minister’s initiatives reflect a strategic approach towards overcoming obstacles in island development and fostering growth in the tourism sector.

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