Tourism Minister discusses ways to attract more Indian and Chinese tourists

Minister of Tourism, Ali Waheed has conferred ways to increase tourists from India and China as the Maldives aims to attract 2 million tourists by the end of 2020.

The discussion was held by the Minister during meetings and was held with the Indian Ambassador of Maldives, Sunjay Sudhir and the Chinese Ambassador of Maldives, Zhang Lizhong.

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Both ambassadors visited the Minister to congratulate him as the Maldives reached its target of attracting 1.5 million tourists this year.

Furthermore, discussions took place on approaches Maldives can attract more tourists from the two allies.

India and China are two rising tourist markets in the Maldives. According to statistics publicized by the Ministry of tourism, China was the single largest market of tourist arrivals by October 2019. In this regard, 252,245 tourists from China arrived in the Maldives, whereas, 121,000 tourists arrived from India, who is the second-highest single market.

Preparations and planning are being conducted to market the sector in new destinations as the country have accomplished the target it set for this year.

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