Tourism Minister’s Tour Focuses on Boosting Local Tourism

Minister of Tourism Ibrahim Faisal dedicated his weekend to visiting all the islands in Laamu Atoll, engaging in discussions with local island councils about enhancing local tourism opportunities. This initiative aligns with the government’s heightened focus on expanding local tourism to benefit island communities.

Minister Faisal emphasised the untapped potential for local tourism development on these islands. His commitment to this cause was highlighted during his speech at the Velana International Airport (VIA) last week, where he declared the government’s intention to prioritise local tourism for its positive impact on the islands.

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Shiuna Khalid, the Managing Director of the Maldives Integrated Tourism Development Corporation (MITDC), accompanied the minister on these visits. Together, they explored L. Baresdhoo, an island under MITDC’s jurisdiction, to assess and plan the development of local tourism infrastructure.

The country’s current tourism status boasts 13,563 tourist beds spread across 113 islands, indicating a robust foundation for tourism. However, the atoll of Laamu lags, with only four guest houses offering 102 rooms. The minister’s visits and subsequent discussions are expected to pave the way for expanding and enhancing local tourism offerings in these areas.

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