Tourism Ministry Endorses EIFEC Health Emergency Risk Compliance Standards

The Ministry of Tourism has endorsed the EIFEC Health Emergency Risk Compliance Management System (HER-CMS) Standards Series, stating that the implementation of these standards is an effective tool against the COVID-19 virus. The Ministry further stated that this European certification would prove beneficial for the economy of the Maldives.

The new Emergency International Standards series will help organizations become more effective in combatting outbreaks of all communicable diseases, in addition to making people’s everyday lives to be safer and healthier.

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This series includes two different Standards:

  • Health Emergency Risk Compliance Management System (HER-CMS), which can be adopted and implemented by all organizations; and,
  • Compliance Management Systems for Sanitization Service Providers (SSP-CMS), reserved for professional Sanitization Service Providers.

EIFEC has called upon interested parties, especially tourism industry-relevant parties, and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to “Vaccinate Your Business”.

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