Tourism Ministry Introduces Extended Resort Villa Rentals

The Tourism Ministry has introduced a new regulation allowing the rental of individual rooms within resorts for extended periods. The new rules, as outlined by the Tourism Ministry, grant resorts and integrated resort properties the ability to lease multiple villas on a strata basis.

Tourism Minister, Dr. Abdulla Mausoon, emphasized that these rules were established with the intention of simplifying operations for medium-sized resort owners. Under this framework, every villa within a resort becomes available for long-term rental, catering to the burgeoning concept of residential tourism. Dr. Mausoon remarked, “This initiative opens up opportunities for both foreigners and locals to book resort rooms for extended stays.”

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According to the guidelines, villas or rooms offered for long-term rentals on a strata basis must be officially registered with the Ministry of Tourism before being made available to guests. A registration fee of MVR 5,000 is required for obtaining a long-term lease license, along with an additional fee of MVR 10,000 payable to MIRA.

Tenants residing in these villas will enjoy the flexibility to enter and exit the resort. However, it’s important to note that subleasing the property is not permitted.

The Ministry has also outlined strict penalties for violations of these rules. Initial infractions will result in a fine of MVR 25,000, with a steeper liability of MVR 50,000 for subsequent offences. In cases of repeated violations, tenants may face a substantial fine of MVR 100,000, as clarified by the ministry. This enforcement aims to maintain the integrity of the new long-term rental system while providing a hassle-free experience for both resort owners and tenants.

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