Tourist arrivals to Maldives experiences a growth of 5.5%

Tourist arrivals to Maldives increased by 5.5% at the end of July 2017. In a press release issued by Ministry of Tourism, they stated that tourism arrivals reached a total of 770715 during the period of January to July, which is 5.5% more than the number of visitor arrivals in the same period of 2016.

Europe remained the top market with 47% shares and a healthy growth of 10% compared to 2016. The second largest market was Asia and Pacific with 44% shares. However, due to a decrease in Chinese tourist arrivals, this market has decreased by 0.8%. Other regions are Americas with a 4.4% shares and a 23.3%, the Middle East with 3.6% shares and a slightly negative growth and finally Africa with just 1% share but showing the best positive growth with 44.6%.

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