Tourist Arrivals to Maldives Reach Over 695,000 This Year; Highest Daily Average in August So Far

The latest updates from the Ministry of Tourism show that from 1st January 2021 to 17th August 2021, a total of 695,396 tourists arrived in the Maldives.

As the Maldives recovers from the COVID-19 situation, tourist arrivals to the Maldives have gradually picked up and bounced back. By 17th August 2021, the total arrivals to the Maldives exceeded 695,000, with a growth of 78.9% compared to that of 2020.

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Arrivals have been gaining momentum as COVID-19 restrictions eased and borders reopened for South Asian markets. So far this year, the highest daily average of tourist arrivals has been during the month of August, with 4,884 arrivals. This is substantially higher than March, which saw a daily average of 3,535 arrivals.

While major markets such as Russia and India made full recovery with strong positive growth rates, new markets emerged from the European Region and the Middle East.

The top source market for the tourist arrival was Russia with 22.1% market share, followed by India with 18.7% market share. Germany stood third with 5.7 market share. Other top source markets include USA, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Kazakhstan, United Kingdom, and France.

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