Transport Ministry Bans Heavy Vehicles During Parliamentary Elections

In preparation for the upcoming parliamentary elections, the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation has banned heavy vehicles from operating on the roads during the polling period.

A notice issued by the ministry, which was gazetted recently, delineates five specific categories of vehicles that fall under the ban. These categories are as follows:

  • C2: This category encompasses goods vehicles and road vehicles with a carrying weight ranging from 2000 kg (2 tons) to less than 4000 kg (4 tons).
  • C0: Encompassing freight vehicles, this category includes road vehicles with a carrying weight of 4000 kg (4 tons) and above.
  • D: Articulated vehicles or road vehicles with more than three axles fall under this category.
  • E: This category pertains to vehicles falling under categories B, C, or D, which are towing a trailer.
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The Ministry of Transport’s decision to impose restrictions on these categories of vehicles underscores the importance of ensuring the safety and efficiency of transportation networks during the electoral process. By limiting the presence of heavy vehicles on the roads, authorities aim to mitigate congestion and facilitate the unimpeded movement of voters, election officials, and essential services.

Authorities have urged all affected parties to comply with the stipulated regulations and cooperate with law enforcement agencies to uphold the smooth implementation of the ban. Additionally, alternative routes and transportation arrangements have been advised to mitigate any potential disruptions caused by the restrictions.

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