Transport Ministry to Restart Domain Tender Process

Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation Mohamed Ameen announced that the government plans to restart selling domains through a tender process, highlighting domain allocation issues.

Speaking on a Sangu TV programme, the minister assured that the government has devised a comprehensive plan for selling domains, which will be unveiled in the coming days. He emphasized the importance of verifying and rectifying the documents of domain owners and indicated that the issuance of suspended domains would resume within the next forty days.

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Minister Ameen outlined the ministry’s intention to allocate domain numbers from one to ten, providing an opportunity for registration. However, he clarified that the final decision on this matter is pending.

Citing the high prices of domain sales in foreign countries, Minister Ameen underscored the potential revenue generation for the government through this initiative.

Addressing past shortcomings in domain and vehicle registration sales, Minister Ameen accused the previous government of errors in these processes. He indicated that investigation reports have been reviewed and submitted to the appropriate authorities for action.

Minister Ameen referenced a parliamentary investigation conducted by the National Development and Heritage Committee last year, acknowledging delays in domain allocation despite payment. Former Transport Minister Aishath Nahula was summoned and questioned as part of this inquiry.

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