Treat Yourself This Men’s Day! Enjoy Promo Prices on BadLab Products by ADK General Trading

As part of a men’s day promotion, ADK General Trading has announced discounts for lucky winners on their BadLab range of men’s care products.

Customers can try their luck and visit Gtsnap or Ganna Mart to buy their BadLab products, and get a chance to win up to 10% off. The promotion began on 6th November, and is valid until 20th November.

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BadLab is the short-form for “Brave and Daring Laboratory”. BadLab has been creating new products to revolutionize the way men take care of themselves. The brand has a range of men’s care items, including hair care, facial care and body care products.

BadLab is distributed by ADK General Trading, a reputed trading company in the Maldives.

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