Tree Top Hospital Opens First Child Nutrition Clinic in Maldives

Tree Top Hospital (TTH) has opened the first child nutrition clinic in Maldives.

TTH Child Nutrition Clinic aims to be a strong foundation in Maldivian healthcare that specializes and focuses on pediatric dietary management by offering timely screening, age-appropriate treatment and counseling. 

Maintaining a healthy diet at all ages is mandatory, especially during pediatric age for appropriate growth and development. According to reports by the Ministry of Health and UNICEF, 17.3% children under 5 years are underweight and 22% of first grade children are either overweight or obese.

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TTH Child Nutrition Clinic aims to meet these needs and the services include assessments of nutrition and dietary status of children and underlying medical conditions, assisting the child and family to manage and prevent conditions that affect the child’s ability to eat or digest food, as well as planning for wellbeing and overall fitness. The Child Nutrition Clinic will focus on the provision of child-centered customized dietary advice designed for children and promoting health sessions to the families in order to educate them on correct infant feeding techniques and adequate meal preparation guidelines.

Tree Top Hospital offers Child Nutrition Clinic is the first of its kind. The Child Nutrition Clinic offers services using the latest technology and is performed by a team of experienced healthcare professionals and experts in the field.

For more information, please contact 3351610 or email

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