Trump triumphs

Donald J. Trump elected to be the 45th president of the United States of America. With 276 electoral votes he would be the first president in the White House despite having no prior political or military experience.

The election results indicated that Trump outperformed expectations among working-class Americans, forming a coalition of states that few thought possible when the campaign began; with 276 to 218 electoral votes, he took home 48% of votes (58,602,423 votes).

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In the end, Clinton failed to overcome the showman, who gobbled up thousands of hours of free airtime on cable news by making a series of controversial and improbable promises. Trump also stayed in the spotlight by fighting a series of feuds and raging against the media. And despite Clinton’s strong performance in the presidential debates, in which she goaded Trump into gaffes and kept the focus squarely on his shortcomings, she could not translate those performances into votes.

The Republican nominee’s victory over Hillary Clinton marks a stunning upset that neither the polls nor the pundits saw coming. But Trump, defiant to the end, insisted he would win, despite burning bridges with key voting groups and even many Republicans. In winning, Trump upended almost every norm of American politics and apparently changed the shape of the Republican Party.

The Republican vowed to build a country for everyone in his address to fans in New York City. He walked on stage with his entourage, family and wife Melanie to a full orchestral score, savoring every moment. “No dream is too big, no challenge is too great.”

On our part we congratulate the new elected president of the United States on the win and wish him good luck in his future endeavors.

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