Two Million COVID-19 Deaths Possible, Warns WHO

World Health Organisation (WHO) says that the global death toll from COVID-19 could reach 2 million before a vaccine is readily available and could be even higher without strenuous efforts to prevent the spread of the novel virus.

Almost one million people have died with Covid-19 worldwide since the disease first emerged in China during late 2019. The infection continues to rise with 32 million cases confirmed around the world. Many countries have also reported the second wave of coronavirus infections.

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North America has seen the most number of COVID-19 related deaths (305,934 ), followed by South America (246,259), Europe ( 219,393 ) and Asia( 186,040 ).

According to WHO, although two million fatalities worldwide is “not impossible” before a vaccine became available, fatality rates are dropping as treatments for the disease improve. “Are we prepared to do what it takes to avoid that number?” WHO’s emergencies head Dr Ryan asked, calling on governments to do everything to control Covid-19.

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