UN Commends Maldives Climate Action Plan

Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Patricia Espinosa has praised the Maldivian Government on the ambitious net-zero target for Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC).

Addressing the Minister of Environment and Energy, Dr. Hussain Rasheed in a letter, UN Executive Secretary commended the efforts by the archipelago to bring down the emissions and for updating the NDC even with the challenges imposed by the ongoing COVOD-19 pandemic. The updates were submitted ratifying the UN framework convention on climate change.

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The NDC states that vehicles will be required to be up to a certain standard with accordance to the climate action plan. Maldives aims to produce 15 percent of electricity through renewable methods and minimize energy wastage. The island nation also intends to cut down emissions by 26 percent by 2030.

The Maldivian Parliament declared a climate emergency in February 2019. President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih declared Maldives’ commitment to achieve net-zero emission targets is a good start to the island nation’s efforts to combat climate change.

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