Urbanco Announces Progress in Hulhumale’ Phase 3 Land Reclamation

In the latest update on the Hulhumale’ Phase 3 land reclamation project, Urbanco has announced that approximately 70% of the designated area has been successfully dredged and reclaimed.

Urbanco further revealed that the dredging of Site A is progressing on schedule, with completion expected by the end of this week. Following the completion of Site A, attention will shift to Site B, which is the next area scheduled for dredging. In light of this development, Urbanco has requested the prompt removal of vehicles currently parked within the vicinity of Site B to facilitate the commencement of the reclamation work.

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The Hulhumale’ Phase 3 land reclamation project is a vital component of a series of development initiatives to address the housing crisis that has plagued many residents of Male’ city for a prolonged period.

This project encompasses the reclamation of 63 hectares of land, promising to provide much-needed relief to the housing situation in the region.

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